Ways To Treat Arthritis

by : Cindy Heller

Arthritis is an affliction that cover more than one hundred different conditions and osteoarthritis coupled with rheumatoid arthritis are the most widespread. Forty six million people in United States are afflicted with arthritis and arthritis does occur in children. With arthritis, you will get joints pain, which can range from severe to mild. Arthritis is non-curable, so you have to manage it and try out different treatments until one that help you to control the pain.

As lots of people suffer from arthritis and different treatments suit different people, it is far from certain that one particular remedy will be right for you. Arthritis can just happen in a single joint for some patients but there are many who are afflicted with arthritis in many locations and getting the right treatments is difficult. With longer lifespan, more and more people are getting arthritis in their advancing years.

The intense pain from arthritis can be unbearable and coupled with swelling and other arthritis ailments; it can cause depression. Besides synthetic drugs that might cause severe side effects, natural form of treatment is more ideal. Arthritis can strike at any time and it doesn't just cause stiffness and pain but can result in disability. The proper set of treatments is necessary and patients are in the best position to determine what sort of treatment is right for them in collaboration with the physician.

The conventional forms of treatments are arthritis drugs but there is the possibility of side effects and different people respond differently making dispensing the drugs difficult. The arthritis drugs are Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs and Disease-Modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drugs or DMARDs.

Other is corticosteroids or glucocorticoids, which is known as 'steroids'. Arthritis patients suffer a lot of pain and analgesics or painkillers can control the pain. Unlike NSAIDs, they do not reduce inflammation but narcotic analgesic drugs help to relieve severe pain. The conventional drugs help to slow down bone loss and promote its growth in addition to preventing fracture.

Some milder form of arthritis just requires an aspirin or any non-prescription drugs but more severe form will require more than just an aspirin. Synthetic drugs can provide immediate relief but there are side effects and some of the patients can experience very severe form of it such as strokes or heart attack. With multiple lawsuits filed, those drugs are withdrawn from the shelves. So those patients and other who do not have the side effects start to look for natural remedies.

Certain natural form of treatments is useful but it is necessary to find out more before starting the treatment. Some people do benefit from apple cider but other sufferers do not find relief from it. Apple cider does no harm so everyone can give it a try even though you might not get the relief you seek.

Glucosamine is a natural occurring substance in the body and the supplements are available as well, with some sufferers finding it to be effective. Other forms of natural cures are ginger and omega-3 oils and ginger can be used to flavor food. As for omega-3 oils, they occur naturally in fish and are highly recommended. Arthritis patients need to seek the advice of the physician before committing to any form of treatments.

You can seek professional message therapy but the relief is only temporary unless you go for regular sessions. Message therapy can provide the necessary relaxation to your muscle and reinvigorate the body, providing many form of benefits. On the other hand, acupuncture is a beneficial natural form of treatment to provide immediate relief from arthritis pain. Acupuncture stimulates the body nerves to get the desired outcomes.

Warm baths are another way to get relief from arthritis and that can be done before you sleep as warm water relax the whole body and mind, thus giving you a respite from arthritis. Hot and cold patches are also effective through direct application to the affected joints, just like those people who use ice packs to reduce swelling.

You also can get arthritis relief creams that can be applied to the joints to get instant relief and there are sprays as well to apply on the go so that you can be free from pain. With cream and spray, they can be put into handbag so that you can retrieve it when you need it.

It is best to stick to natural form of arthritis cures as there is no short as well as long term and severe side effects. The pain can be incapacitating and incurable but there are many natural forms of arthritis cures that you can look to.