Psoriatic Arthritis Treatment: The Various Forms

by : Scott Goodman

Just like the other types of arthritis, the psoriatic type can be treated in many ways. Some consider alternative forms of treatment like natural supplements and vitamins while others believe that a simple home care remedy would do the trick.

Whichever you choose as a psoriatic arthritis treatment, make sure that your preference is approved by your health practitioner. More over, you need to discuss the psoriatic arthritis treatment to the proper professionals so that maximum care can be provided for you. The health practitioner will know every therapy available and will only give out the necessary treatment for you.

Psoriatic Arthritis Treatment - Medications

Psoriatic arthritis treatment can come in the form of medications. If the person is in the mild stage of the disease, topical or oral corticosteroids are given to the patient. Together with corticosteroids, other anti-inflammatory drugs may be given such as NSAIDs. The dosages and frequency of these medications are prescribed by the doctor alone. These drugs can only work effectively if the therapeutic level in the body is achieved.

Other drug treatments would include disease modifying anti rheumatic drugs which basically act slower compared to NSAIDs. Another psoriatic arthritis medication would be Immunosuppresants; they are given to patients who are in the severe stage of the disease. It is vital to remember that these medications should only be taken as prescribed by your doctor. A slight variation in the dosage can change the effects of the drugs on you.

Psoriatic Arthritis Treatment - Alternative Cure

There are alternative forms of cure for the psoriatic arthritis treatment. Massage and magnet therapies, Methylsulfonylmethane supplements, SAM-e solutions, and glucosamine supplements are proven to be very effective in the psoriatic arthritis treatment.

The mechanism of magnet therapies is actually not explained; but over the years, many arthritic patients have claimed the efficacy of this type of treatment. Methylsulfonylmethane supplements are chemical compositions which are found in plant sources; the sulfur compound in the substance provides for a stronger and healthier connective tissue. Sam-e solutions are those which are produced by animals; they help clean your system and they aid in regulating the hormones in your body. Lastly, glucosamine supplements help in the reduction of pain of arthritic patients.

These treatments can be discussed with your doctors for proper guidance. Any psoriatic arthritis treatment should be consulted first with your physicians to know if they work well on you. The health care practitioners can provide you with the safest and most effective treatments available. The psoriatic arthritis treatment is actually easy to obtain. However, you need to get involved with every therapy that the doctor recommends so that rapid recovery from the disease is possible.