Arthritis Early Symptoms May Seem Confusing And Incomplete

by : Scott Goodman

There are over 100 different types of known arthritis and many will present symptoms that may be different in many people. However confusing the arthritis early symptoms may be, it is important to understand what they are in order to achieve early diagnosis and treatment. Additionally, there are several other ailments that may be comorbid with arthritis, making the separation of the symptoms more difficult. Specific tests for the different types of arthritis can often detect its presence and knowing the arthritis early symptoms and relating them to the doctor can ease its pain in the future.

While there currently is no known cure for all forms of arthritis, treatment methods have greatly improved over the past few years and dealing with the pain of arthritis has been made easier. However, there are some medications that offer side effects that mimic other ailments and should not be confused with arthritis early symptoms. Only a qualified physician and appropriate tests can determine if the arthritis early symptoms are caused by the disease, medications or other problems.

Joints stiffness and pain is probably one of the most recognized of the arthritis early symptoms, but if a person has been performing tough physical labor, they may misunderstand the source of the pain. Logically, if the joints are painful from physical exertion, the muscles should show the same effects of the activity. If only the joints hurt it could be one of the arthritis early symptoms.

Not All People Receive The Same Warning Message

As the different forms of arthritis can attack different people in diverse places, the arthritis early symptoms are often ignored. Even with the most common form of arthritis, osteoporosis symptoms are often passed off as suffering the effects of old age. However, this form of arthritis knows no age limit and can strike people at any age.

Those suffering arthritis early symptoms, regardless of age should seek a medical professionals opinion to rule out the ailment or possible suffer longer than necessary by not getting appropriate treatment as early as possible. Many new drugs have been introduced to relieve the pain of osteoarthritis, and in some cases slowing down the degeneration of the cartilage can ease many of the painful problems.

Since some forms of arthritis can affect organs and normal body functions, it is important to understand the arthritis early symptoms and react to them if they appear. Pain, stiffness and joint swelling may be some of the most common, but there are others that can afflict a patient without them knowing are in the first stages of the onset of arthritis.