Office Golf For Sys-Admins Made Easy

by : Roxana Danaila

The InfoSecurity New York fair is hosting today the launch of BitDefender for CommuniGate Pro 1.6.1, a gateway security solution that scans all incoming e-mail for spam and viruses.

The new packages include an upgrade function to ensure that previous installations are preserved and the old settings are properly imported. Upgrade from versions 1.5.6 and 1.6.0 is supported.

"One of the major changes from version 1.6.0 is a new patch management tool we affectionately call BitDefender Swiss Army kniFE (bdsafe). It's capable of patching any and all installed BitDefender components, whereas before this had to be done manually, by the system administrator. In true Linux tradition, we have kept the manual patching option as a default, but administrators can now just set BitDefender for CommuniGate Pro 1.6.1 to patch itself automatically, whenever a patch is made available. This, we hope, will leave them with more time available for other productive activities, such as office golf." declared Mircea Mitu, BitDefender Business Line Manager.

The product also features Update Pushing, a technology found in all the BitDefender Linux mail server security solutions since 1.6. This is a subscription service, by which installed BitDefender products can be ordered to download updates the minute they become available, instead of updating on a pre-set schedule. This service has been shown to reduce the "window of vulnerability" in case of new virus epidemics.

The antispam filters can now be automatically updated over the internet in the same manner as the virus signatures and scanning engines. 3 antispam technologies are provided: an improved heuristic filter, WhiteList/BlackList, URL Filter. Additional filters, such as an Image Filter, will be added as part of the regular update process, at no extra cost to customers.

BitDefender for CommuniGate Pro 1.6.1 is available in formats fitting all major Linux distributions and is a certified RedHat Ready application.