Genital Herpes

by : Krishan Bakhru

There are many things which are considered to be taboo subjects to discuss openly in public. One such topic is that of genital herpes. The fact is that most people will go to extraordinary lengths to avoid these subjects but in some cases this can be detrimental to the health of the person.

The person who suffers from genital herpes though will sometimes find their lives turned upside down and unable to cope with the situation. It need not be this way, but unfortunately sometimes the emotional impact genital herpes can have on a person can be greater than the actual medical condition itself.

This is not to say that genital herpes isn't serious or a potentially serious condition, only that some people will find they need more help to cope with the emotional trauma of having contracted a sexually transmitted disease than others will.

For these people care needs to be given not only to treat the physical condition but also the mental and emotional health of the person.

This can come about as the result of many things such as being rejected by their partner for having a sexually transmitted disease, being unable to cope with the reality of genital herpes, or being unable to deal with any residual scarring of the genital area.

Although for the most part genital herpes blisters will cure themselves, there may sometimes be scarring as a result of the blisters. This can be due to the severity and the spread of the blisters themselves.

To help with the pain which may be felt with genital herpes blisters you might want to try bathing the affected area in a salt solution comprising of half a teaspoon of salt mixed with half a pint of warm water. This will not only soothe the affected area but it also has the added benefits of drying out the sores.

You might also want to avoid such things as tanning beds and sunbathing. Avoid wearing tight fitting clothing which won't allow your genital area to breathe.

If you find that urinating is painful due to the urine passing over the sores, you can either pour water over yourself as you urinate, or you can try to urinate within a bath of water.

What you really need to do though when you have genital herpes is get plenty of rest. You body needs it and now is as a good a time as any to start listening to it.