Scalp Eczema - Uncover your Food Allergies

by : Janet Simpson

If you suffer with scalp eczema it is usually down to some kind of allergy. Sufferers tend to have allergies to substances, chemicals, or food.

Food allergies are common. Over 50% of the population suffer from some sort of food allergy. And the number is growing each and every year.

Food allergies usually reveal themselves after you touch, smell or eat the food substance. Within a short period of time of your being in contact with the food substance there is a reaction.

The reaction you encounter can vary from experiencing difficulty in swallowing, or the swelling of your face, eyes and tongue or breaking out in a rash or having an itchy fit.

Some sufferers also experience nausea and dizziness.

The most common reasons for food intolerances can be pin-pointed to one of three causes:

Scalp Eczema - Cause of Food Allergy #1 - Intestinal ecology.

The lining of your stomach is coated and contains over 400 species of micro-organism or intestinal flora. Some of these organisms are good and the remainder are bad organisms. In terms of weight, the bacteria in your colon can weigh on average 3lbs.

These bacteria are very important as they form part of the immune defences. When the balance is good the bacteria will help in the control of absorption, help in the production of nutrients and help with the elimination of toxins and unwanted matter.

Scalp Eczema - Cause of Food Allergy #2 - Food Additives.

Every day the number of food additives, colourings, preservatives and flavour enhancers increases. The more you consume these additives the more you risk your immune system reacting against them.

Most of these additives are found in processed, pre-packaged foods, including some breads.

It is imperative that labels of package foods are read in an effort to eliminate as many of these additives as you can.

Scalp Eczema - Cause of Food Allergy #3 - Eating Too Quickly.

This one might sound unusual but if you aren't relaxed when you sit down to eat you will probably tend to chop and swallow your foods.

When this food is swallowed is has not be broken down and cannot be properly digested. The stomach acids and digestives enzymes find it difficult to break down the food substance and it is absorbed through the intestinal lining.

This state of affairs will set up your immune reaction which will lead to the development of food intolerances.

Sit down to eat and ensure you chew every morsel of food at least 15 times.