Information on Eczema & Dealing With Eczema

by : Janet Simpson

There is a lot of information of eczema available. But most of the information suggests you use creams and ointments to eliminate eczema.

You can dramatically improve your health, create beautiful smooth clear skin and eliminate your eczema by increasing the amount of organic raw foods you consume.

So why raw foods?

#1 - Information on Eczema - Oxygen is a wonderful thing. The more raw foods you eat the more efficiently your cells take up this oxygen. You need a good supply of oxygen to release energy to every cell in your body and carry out an infinite number of critical life processes, including healing eczema skin and replacing dead cells.

#2 - Information on Eczema - Your body has a natural, innate ability to self-heal. This self healing process can only work efficiently if your intake of raw foods in dramatically increased. Eczema and dry skin are one of the easier problems your body can eliminate naturally if you feed it the right ingredients.

#3 - Information on Eczema - A healthy body fights off illnesses and diseases naturally. But it must have a good acid/alkaline balance. Too high acid levels lead to diseases and ill-health. A high alkaline level encourages optimum health and the ability to self-heal many ailments.