Eczema and Diet - This One Works

by : Janet Simpson

Eczema and Diet - You have probably tried remedy after remedy in your plight to cure eczema. I did. I tried every solution offered to me but only one thing worked. I saw an immediate result after following this treatment and it was permanent. When I looked at my Eczema and Diet, when I introduced new foods, it worked.

Food has an amazing effect on your skin and it has the power to smooth, heal, and cure eczema. This one works.

If you introduce more organic raw foods into you diet you will see a difference in your skin and in your overall general health.

One amazing food is wheatgrass juice. Eczema and Diet - here's why...

#1 - Your body quickly assimilates wheatgrass juice (within an hour if taken on an empty stomach) which stimulates cellular metabolism. As a result of this stimulation your body starts to heal and repair at a much faster pace.

#2 - You need to consume a food that will cleanse your blood and tissues. Eczema skin needs regular cleansing. Wheatgrass juice will do this for you.

#3 - Wheatgrass juice is full of vitamin B17 which will destroy foreign matter in your system including cancerous cells.