Cream Eczema - Better Than Any Cream

by : Janet Simpson

Using creams and ointments to clear up your eczema is what most sufferers resort to when looking for a cure. These creams and ointments smooth the skin and help to prevent loss of moisture and dryness.

Most of these creams and ointments do not work at the core problem. They do not look at the root cause and they do not attempt to eliminate the cause.

If you look at the foods you're eating you and change a few items you will create a more permanent effect on your skin which will result in clear, smooth and velvety soft skin.

One of the first raw organic foods you can introduce is wheatgrass juice. Wheatgrass is created from grass and is full of nutrients. It can be purchased from any good organic health store or your can juice it yourself.

Here are a few of the benefits you'll receive from taking wheatgrass juice.

#1 - Cream Eczema - Wheatgrass juice has the power to destroy damaged skin cells and foreign matter including that of cancerous and eczema cells. This is because of the vitamin B17 contained in Wheatgrass juice which is plentiful and abundant.

#2 - Wheatgrass juice contains SOD which is an effective anti-ageing enzyme. SOD works on your skin and will counteract the appearance of eczema.

#3 - It is important for eczema sufferers that the liver is kept vital and healthy. Wheatgrass supplies the liver with magnesium, Choline and potassium, three very important nutrients for the liver.