What Causes Eczema - Eliminate the Causes

by : Janet Simpson

However, if your system is strong, well nourished and vibrant, your immune system will be powerful and your body will have the ability to self-heal your eczema skin, from within. You would not suffer with eczema. Your body and skin would protect itself consistently.

So how do you create a strong internal system. How do you keep diseases at bay so that you are not affected so often, if at all?

You create a stronger system by feeding your body super nutrients that nourish and feed every cell in your entire body, efficiently.

A good place to start is with wheatgrass juice. Wheatgrass juice is among one of the most powerful foods that can supply you 99% of all the nutrients your body requires for optimum health.

Other benefits of including wheatgrass juice include the following:

#1 - What Causes Eczema

By consuming wheatgrass daily you will find that your digestive system assimilates it very quickly which helps to stimulate cellular metabolism. Because of this the healing and repair process of your skin is speeded up.

#2 - To eliminate your eczema you need a liver system that is working efficiently. Wheatgrass supplies the liver with an excellent supply of magnesium, Choline and potassium, three very important nutrients for the liver.

#3 - Drunken on a regular basis, at least three times per week, wheatgrass will is absorbed by the body within twenty minutes. If taken on an empty stomach you will enjoy the electrical energy "chi" contained within it and it will last all day.