Eczema Eyes - How to Eliminate Those Red Patches

by : Janet Simpson

As well as suffering eczema all over my arm, legs and stomach, I had to endure it on my face. When I suffered with eczema on my face it was very prominent around both my eyes and so you couldn't miss it if you looked at me.

This was very embarrassing and soul destroying for me. No matter what I did, whatever I tried, it just seemed to get worse. Ointments, creams and potions achieved little or no relief.

But when I changed my diet things started to happen to my skin.

One of the first things I tried was to change the quality of the foods I consumed.

I was aware that my skin needed lubrication. It was dry. It was itchy. It was scaly. It looked old.

I read about good fats and bad fats. I was eating a lot of foods that contained bad fats. Bad fats are those that have been heated to very high temperatures or have been processed and contain trans fatty acids.

Trans fatty acids have a detrimental effect on the general health of every one, especially if you are a sufferer of eczema.

Here are more reasons why eliminating trans fatty acids are important to your eczema health:

#1 - Consuming foods that contain trans fatty acids reduce fluidity of cell membranes make them leakier.

#2 - Consuming foods that contain trans fatty acids increase fat storage.

#3 - Consuming foods that contain trans fatty acids are very difficult to digest.