Eczema Pictures - Quick Eczema Medicines

by : Janet Simpson

As a teenager, I hated my picture being taken because of my awful eczema skin.

But I soon changed that. When I changed my diet to improve my health I discovered that the diet worked wonders for my eczema and eventually eliminated completely.

The foods that I ate were full to brimming with vitamins, enzymes, minerals and trace elements. I felt a difference in my skin within two or three days.

My skin did not itch so much. My skin began to heal and became smoother. After two weeks my skin was healed.

In my new diet I included juices, fruits, vegetables, bean sprouts, water and some superfoods.

For me these foods acted as medicines and enabled me to toss out the medicines prescribed to me by my doctor.

I will list below some of my favourite foods which I still eat today. They keep me healthy. They keep my skin eczema free, smooth and silky and I love them.

Here is a list of my favourite foods:

#1 - CARROTS: This vegetable is the top of my list. I eat it raw regularly but for me its about juicing. Whenever I drink a carrot base juice I feel heavenly. Carrots are super detoxifiers and are an excellent food. They help clear the kidneys, kill bacteria and viruses.

#2 - APPLES: Another favourite for me. I eat loads of apples on a daily basis. They are astringent and work as a tonic relieving constipation. Apples also help remove toxins.

#3 - SPINACH: This one has grown on me. I can see the difference in my blood and immune system. I only eat spinach raw. I either juice them or eat them in meals. They are anti-cancer, regulate blood pressure and boost the immune system.

#4 - CORN: I love corn. And guess what, they are good for eczema. They have anti-cancer properties, are an excellent brain food and are rich in essential fats.

#5 - ONION: A salad is not a salad without onions for me. They act as an antiseptic, anti-spasmodic, antibiotic and are great for reducing spasms in asthma. They remove heavy metals and parasites.