Eczema on Face - How to Notice the Change

by : Janet Simpson

One of the best ways to monitor the subtle changes in your skin when you are following a treatment is to keep a daily journal. By making a note each day of the food you eat, the effect it has on your skin and the way you feel, you will begin to notice a gradual change for the better of your eczematous skin.

In my Cure Your Eczema book I stated that I was cured within 14 days of changing certain habits of a life time. I was able to keep motivated and enthusiastic because I registered everything I did in my journal.

The most profound difference I found with my eczema was when I drank a glass of vegetable juice three times a day.

I noticed my skin became smoother, it healed faster and the irritation almost disappeared within four days. The reason why my information was so accurate was because I made daily notes in my journal.

Any journal should include what new actions you take for the day. Let's say you introduce apples only for breakfast. How many are you eating and what variety of apples are they.

How do you feel in the morning or lunch time? Do you feel energetic as a result of eating a cleansing breakfast, do you feel fatigued, are you optimistic. How is your eczema? Are you scratching more than usual, the same, or less than usual.

When you note these things in your diary and look back in a couple of days or so, you will probably notice a common trend.

Here are some tips to keeping an eczema journal:

Eczema on Face - Tips on Keeping an Eczema Journal #1

You can use an old loose-leaf binder or spiral notebook. Aim to write at least one sentence about the meal or meals eaten that day.

Eczema on Face - Tips on Keeping an Eczema Journal #2

Make a note of how you feel internally. Your emotions and feelings should be noted. Is there any difference in the way your skin looks, its colour, is it more or less irritating. Anything different should be noted down. Your feelings, opinions and any ideas are important.

Eczema on Face - Tips on Keeping an Eczema Journal #3

Review your journal entries periodically. Such review will expose you to common threads or subtle differences. It will also highlight proof that you skin is indeed improving.