Treatments on Eczema - is your Treatment Working

by : Janet Simpson

When you find a new treatment that you wish to test, it can take some time before you realise whether the new treatment is actually effective or not.

If the treatment is not working and is making your eczema worse, you need to stop immediately before you damage your skin irrevocably.

If the treatment is causing other problems you need to be aware so that you can make minor changes or try a different approach.

And if the treatment is actually working, you want to be able to document the proof and evidence that this treatment is healing your eczema skin.

Or you could simply have difficulty in believing that it is actually working.

The best way to keep a record is to make a note in a daily journal.

This does not have to be anything fancy or complicated. And it doesn't matter if you feel you cannot write.

You just need to write a sentence, phrase or opinion about how you feel the treatment is effecting your thoughts, skin and feelings.

So how do you keep a daily journal?

Here are some tips to keeping a record of your treatment:

Treatments of Eczema - Is Your Treatment Working #1

There is no need to make journal writing complicated. On a daily basis, just jot down the new treatments that you are experimenting with. Are you eating just apples for breakfast? How does that make you feel? Are you eating enough to stave off hunger?

Little detailed notes of what you are doing and how it makes you feel is all that you require.

Treatments of Eczema - Is Your Treatment Working #2

Use an old spiral notebook or loose-leaf binder. You do not have to purchase a brand new, gold embossed notebook for this. Try to ensure you make notes after each meal, or when you have a thought that you want to register.

Treatments of Eczema - Is Your Treatment Working #3

When you are making notes, write about how you feel internally as well as externally. Are you irritated, tired? Do you feel light, refreshed?

Also make a note on the condition of your eczema?

When you review your notes as you should on a regular basis you may begin to see a pattern and see evidence of the fact that this treatment is indeed making a big difference to your health.