Eczema and Diet - There is a Connection

by : Janet Simpson

Unsure to what extent your eczema is connected to your diet. Then test "The 10 Day Raw Plan".

For ten days you will be asked to dramatically increase the amount of raw food that you eat on a daily basis.

These foods have the ability to detox your body and eliminate stored wastes from your system.

The foods that you are asked to eat are mainly raw, organic foods which have the ability to rejuvenate your skin working from the inside out.

Your eczema skin will change in character somewhat in this short space of time. You will notice that your skin will heal more speedily and evenly. The plan will firm your flesh and smooth your skin.

Follow the plan closely and you will also notice that you handle physical and emotional stress more readily.

Once the ten day period is complete you will have at your finger tips techniques and habits that you can continue in your quest to totally eliminate your eczema.

The basis of "The 10 Day Raw Plan" is as follows:

Eczema and Diet - Raw Food Plan Tip #1

For Breakfast you need to prepare yourself some raw juice. You can use vegetables or fruit providing you add some green foods such as spirulina, spinach or kelp to the drink.

A cool combination might be apples, carrots and kale. Or celery, tomato and kale.

Eczema and Diet - Raw Food Plan Tip #2

Lunch is a large raw salad meal. Choose approximately seven different varieties of vegetables. Mix your colours so your dish is vibrant in colour. (cauliflower, peppers, lettuce, spinach, watercress, cabbage, kale, fennel, chard, yams, parsnips, turnips, and rocket. Top with dried herbs, tofu, seaweed or three seed salad (pumpkin, seasame and sunflower seeds). Dress with olive oil and lemon juice.

Eczema and Diet - Raw Food Plan Tip #3

The final meal of the day is delicious. Prepare some grain in the form of brown rice or kasha and mix together with some steamed vegetables or stir fried vegetables.

Or prepare some lentil or split pea soups and serve with rye bread or rye crispbread.