Scalp Eczema - Adjust This Vegan Process for Eczema Cure

by : Janet Simpson

If you are a vegan you probably don't need to read this because you will be extremely healthy and disease-free.

Vegans eat in the following manner. 50% of their foods are in the form of fresh, raw fruits. 35% of their foods are in the form of fresh raw vegetables. 10% of their foods are in the form of grains and the balance is obtained from eating concentrated foods such as nuts, and dried fruit.

This is the vegan way of living and it guarantees optimum health and freedom from disease or illness.

This method of eating is designed to deliver all the important nutrients required for health and includes the important nutrients such as protein, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, good fats and carbohydrates.

This way of eating is not new. The vegan way of eating has been around for over 3,000 years and has been followed by people such as Bernard Shaw, Benjamin Franklyn, Hipocrates and Sir Francis Bacon, to name just a few.

Following this life plan may seem very challenging if you wish to eliminate your eczema.

However by adapting the vegan principles, you can create a diet that is powerful at healing your eczema, will deliver optimum health and will keep you disease free for life.

If you feel this is too challenging at first, what I suggest is you follow the vegan plan and eat between 65-75% of your foods from the plan.

You will still notice a tremendous difference to your health. You will still speed up the time it take to heal your eczema wounds and cuts and you will benefit from not having to change your eating so drastically. You will also notice the abundance of additional energy you acquire.