How God Will Free you From Higher Hiv Rates

by : Jason Witt

When you receive the Seal in your forehead you give up many sinful behaviors, including those that put you at risk for HIV and AIDS. Unfortunately more young people today are putting themselves at risk and getting AIDS.

Being sealed by God changes the way you think. You no longer allow yourself to engage in risky sexual behaviors or using drugs with needles. You might be tempted to do these things but you overcome the temptation.

Temptation happens to everyone, even to people who are sealed and belong to God. But when your thinking changes your feelings change too, and you will be found innocent at the trial.

God is watching what you do. And when you are sealed you will watch for God. Again you may go through periods when you can not truly say you have lived for God or put God and Heaven first. But you will always return to God before too long.

HIV infection is on the rise again among young people and particularly among African-American people and homosexuals. In 2004 HIV infections among those aged 15 to 19-years old in the US shot up 20 percent, from 1010 cases to 1213 cases.

For those people 20 to 24-years old HIV cases have gone up around 22 percent, from 3184 in 2001 to 3876 in 2005. But this increase happened over the course of 5 years, where the teenagers saw the 20 percent increase in just 1 year.

Experts who work with these youth say they are more likely than before to engage in risky behavior because they know about the AIDS "cocktail" mixture of drugs that is keeping alive many people who have AIDS.

From years around 1985-1995 people were scared of getting AIDS and it showed in the decrease of risky behaviors. Everyone could see the horror of infected people dying around them--news stories, celebrities, friends, and even family dying.

Now there are ads for the drugs in gay magazines which show muscular, handsome men advertising how AIDS is not going to "stop" them from living and being beautiful. But the reality of the AIDS cocktail treatment is not like that.

The drugs really cause "fat redistribution" and create "lumps" on the body. Nobody infected with HIV taking these drugs will seem very beautiful anymore. They will not be gaunt and ready to die. But they will be fat and unhealthy.

The drugs can also cause resistance to insulin, deadly for anyone with diabetes. The drugs raise cholesterol and increase risk of heart disease. And these drugs are hard on the liver, threatening to end the life too soon with liver disease.

Black men are 6 times more likely to get HIV than white men. And black women are 20 times more likely than white women to get the disease. Why such a disparity? The answer sadly is all about economics.

Many of the young people at risk are chemically dependent and become homeless. The young women have similar problems or are often just pressured into unsafe sex.

God is willing to bring you and anyone else out of the troubles these young people are in. The drug dependence and unsafe sex are the wretched tools of the sadistic satan, who preys on these people.

When God sets His Seal upon you, there is no more reason to have unsafe sex. And no more reason to have uncommitted sex. God will liberate you from the shackles of addictions too.

You may not think you are in one of these at-risk groups of youth. But your addictions and uncommitted sex put you at risk of angering God. You can overcome these addictions and behaviors by receiving the Seal.