How to Deal With Parkinsons Dementia

by : Mick Hince

When finding out that your partner/ friend is diagnosed with Parkinson's disease or as it's sometimes known as Parkinson's Dementia the shock to you is quite immense. Yes you might have known that something was wrong for some time, but when that fact is placed in front of you it will feel as thou you're dreaming and that the facts are not real at all.

In the beginning you accept all the silly little things that happen. Like memory loss and forgetfulness. Then things start to get worse as you find your partner/ friend has difficulty walking and doing things which a normal person would take for granted.

After a while your partner/ friend begins to start shake, and it gets to the point they can't hold a drink properly. But you know that they can't help it, and you spend that extra time holding their drinks for them, and cutting up their food.

All this time you're hoping that perhaps next time you take your partner/friend to the Doctor's he will have some miraculous cure waiting for you, yet each time you come away disappointed. What makes it worse is when the Doctor tells you that he doesn't even know what causes it, which tends to make you more and more frustrated.

As for frustration you have you notice that your partner/friend is begging to get more and more frustrated them selves, and that the odds bouts of bad temper are creeping in almost as thou it's your fault.

You have now reached the point that you know it's a full time job, and that your sleep patterns are not good at all. You keep reading all the information you can about Parkinson's dementia hoping you'll find that elusive cure. You've learnt how it's the central nervous system that refuses to work at the right speed almost as thou the main parts of the brain have gone on strike.

But then you read about a miraculous cure that certain Doctor's have been achieving, and how the symptoms of Parkinson's dementia can be reversed. It's like a ray of golden hope and you read on until the early hours with your fingers crossed hoping that there might be some truth in what you are reading.