Toenail Fungus Cure With Home Remedies

by : Maggie Bush

Nail fungal infections are common forms of infections where the fungus attacks the nails of the finger and toe. These infections normally start from one area and then spread on to the entire foot. If not nipped in the budding stage, they can be really painful and damaging. Toenail fungus infections are more common because the foot normally remains covered with socks and the dampness proves to be a nurturing ground for the fungus.

During earlier days, surgery was treated as the option to cure fungus from the affected part. With the advancements in medicine science, we are lucky to have medications in the form of ointment and capsules for treating toenail fungal infections. Nevertheless, nothing can substitute the natural home remedies to cure toenail fungus.

The toenail affected by fungal infection generally turns yellowish in color due to accumulation of pus and fungus. The fungus activity can also cause the area to get inflamed and this can be extremely painful. At times there is a pus discharge that can lead to the spreading of the infection and the toenail can become vulnerable.

There are some tried and tested natural home remedies that seem to be effective in curing and preventing toenail fungus infection. These remedies have also won recognition from the medical fraternity for being faster and 100% safer remedy for toenail fungal infection.

Damp off: One of the popular remedies is "Damp Off". This is an effective cure for not only toenail fungal infection but also for stomach related disorders such as diarrhea, gastritis, gastroenteritis etc. The common ingredients used in this are a scientific mix of Atractylodis Alba, atractyloidis, polypolus, poria cocos, citri reticulate, alismatis, cinnamomi, jujube etc.

This Home remedy is good for your spleen as well. As the name suggests, this prevents dampness of the toenail area and helps it remain dry. It is extremely effective in treating toenail fungal infection and even infection caused by yeasts.

Fungo off: This preparation is available in capsules form. It is meant to boost the immunity of the body. It is one of the best available oral cure for toenail fungus infection. This remedy provides a faster and effective protection from fungal and yeast infections of the toenail. The contents of this preparation include viride, citrus peel, capilaris, poria, tokoro, atractylodis, gypsum etc.

It completely destroys the infection and also prevents the infection from recurring. The pricing of $35 per 90 capsules makes it very competitive and easily accessible.

Fungo balm: This balm is priced at $27 for 60gms. Its softer and smoother feel heals the fungal infected toenail by forming a thick layer of protection from moisture and thus helps in keeping the area dry. This is also effective in curing ringworm, athlete's foot and tinea infection. It contains active ingredients such as kochiae, gypsum, zinc oxide, cnidium etc.

Fungo lotion: This natural home remedy for toenail fungus contains melia, dictamium, borel, and cnidium in vinegar -sugar solution. When used in combination with fungo balm, this yields faster results. This lotion should be massaged on the infected toenails (for approximately 5 minutes) followed by the fungo balm. It costs $27 for a 60 ml bottle.