Gonorrhea Unzipped Especially For You

by : Peter Finch

Gonorrhea, also known as Neisseria Gonorrheae, is a bacterial infection. It is also known under the name of "clap", and many other names received in time. They are well to be known, no matter where they come from. Gonorrhea is a widely spread infection and the transmissibility levels are high. This type of infection mainly affects the genital area, meaning the vagina, anus, and penis, but it can also have a nasty effect on the throat.

It is a bacterial infection produced by the bacterium called Neisseria Gonorrhae. The most common mean for transmission of these bacteria is sexual unprotected contact with an infected individual. The possibility that this bacterium is transmitted is higher if the sexual contact takes place during the menstruation or right after the menstruation of the woman.

There is one important aspect of the transmission ways of the bacteria, that all of us should keep in mind. Not always this bacterium is transmitted through sexual contact, there are situations in which a healthy individual can contract the bacteria without any sexual activity or contact being involved in the matter.

Because of the fact that these bacteria can survive outside their environment, we must be very careful. They can survive up to a few minutes, that is why, girls, you should never try on other girls' panties. And that is not the only case. Contaminated items like towels, toilet seats, and direct contact with the genital area are as dangerous as the sexual contact.

If you are a fan of erotic games, you must always keep in mind that sexual toys can be infected as well, and they can easily transmit the virus. Introducing contaminated items of the kind into the vagina or into the anus, or even a contaminated finger can lead to the infection of a healthy individual.

Besides all that, there is another situation in which the bacteria can be transmitted. That is from the mother to the newborn, so there we are, a number of situations, which do not presume a sexual contact has been presented.

This is a very dangerous infection, which can have disastrous effects if not discovered and treated in useful time. It can even lead to infertility and what you must really keep in mind is that the disease can spread to other organs, through the blood, it can affect other parts of the human organism.

It is not an easy bearable disease, because the symptoms are hard to handle, that is why as soon as they appear, the individual must contact a doctor. Either a gynecologist, if the infected person is a woman, or an urologist, or the family doctor who can recommend a specialist. No matter whom you go to, the important thing is that you treat it, and do not wait at all, as soon as you might suspect this infection to be present in your body.

The ideal situation is that none of you readers ever find yourselves in is the one needing treatment for this infection. You must be very careful to the protection you use during sexual contact, because the condom is the only real protection against such bacteria, and you must also pay a lot of attention to the items you touch, especially when using other people's restroom or public restrooms.