Psoriasis is a Choice

by : ortal schneider

Psoriasis is a way of living your life, in different point of view psoriasis is a choice, because small choices we make in life are affecting many other aspects in your life including psoriasis, It is important to understand that we have a choice!
Many sites are claiming that the exact cause of psoriasis is unknown.
Well, I had psoriasis and I don't accept these claims at all!
Let me start with my case. I suffered from psoriasis for 7 years, I reached a point where 85% of my body was covered, it was the worst time of my life.
I saw several dermatologists, and I could not keep up with those creams they gave me, and I chose not to do this for the rest of my life. My family has a history of psoriasis (not my close family) relatives. my mom has arthritis, and my sister has seborrhea since she was 11. I was dealing with bulimia for 10 years of my life, not a healthy history I would say.
I see Psoriasis as a way of living your life, the way we think which is the most important as well as what we eat and drink, etc... The way we look is a reflection of what we are right now, how we feel, how we think and see ourselves. If you think about it these are all choices which we make each and everyday.
Psoriasis can be treated/ prevented/ cured. It is up to you and you only. Let me give you few examples: Lead poisoning in toys imported from china, Over the counter/ prescription drugs, Pet food poisoning, Chemicals sprayed on the raw foods we eat such as spinach, Chemicals on products for cleaning, and personal use, processed food we eat, flavored soda's, Cigarettes and many others. These are just few examples of what we are exposed to, they are hurting our immune system, and will affect the lives of our kids and their kids.
I am not here to blame anyone but this is the reality we are living in. We can choose which products to use We can choose what to eat, we can choose how to think and live a healthy lifestyle. We have a choice! I know one person cannot change this situation, but one person can get the word out and can make a difference in other people's life.
Do you have psoriasis? What are your choices? are you ready for a self change? For more information please visit and learn how you can treat yourself with results.