Hypoglycemia Symptoms- and Things you Should Know

by : Mick Hince

Unless you are a Hypoglycemia sufferer yourself you would have probably thought it was something to do with Diabetes or something along those lines as I did.

One person described the Hypoglycemia symptoms as being on a roller coaster, and that from one day to another he didn't know how he would be feeling. He explained that some mornings when he woke up, it was though he had a giant hangover without ever having touched any alcohol at all.

That was also depending on whether he could sleep the night before due to prolonged bouts of insomnia.

The symptoms of Hypoglycemia symptoms can be varied, with things like depression, severe mood swings, chronic fatigue, cravings for sweet food at any time day or night, migraine headaches, and one person described it as thou his body was out of control to the point he became distressed and disorientated.

Reading about all these different symptoms I began to form a mental picture which to begin with was not all that different to the normal person in the street. I began to think that we all have times when we feel depressed, and we all get times when we don't sleep, and we all like the odd chocolate bar.

But as I looked into different Doctors reports it clear that it was a definite disease, and that it needed proper treatment.

The Hypoglycemia sufferer's symptoms are much worse that the ordinary run of the mill symptoms, and to be able to diagnose or to have your Doctor diagnose you can be very difficult. It has been proved that a lack of Glucose to the brain can do weird things hence the craving for sweet things as your body tells you that you need it. If these symptoms are mild the brain will not suffer any real damage, but on severe attacks all sorts of problems can occur depending on age.

In some cases Hypoglycemia occurs as a secondary illness for people who have had major surgery, or someone who has been involved in a major accident, and is in intensive care at a hospital.

It has also been proved that Hypoglycemia is the next step to Diabetes, and if the symptoms are ignored the patient can be in all sorts of problems.

Other symptoms that can be put down to Hypoglycemia are as follows. Personality change, blurred or double vision, nausea, shakiness, palpitations, sweating with a high body temperature, then the feeling of coldness, amnesia, slurred speech, abnormal breathing, and in extreme circumstances it can even lead to a coma.

Please note that I am not a Doctor, or anything to do with the Medical profession, and if you think you have symptoms as described please make an appointment with your own Doctor.