Pet Photography Using a Digital Camera

by : Jakob Jelling

A very good concept in the world of photography as an art is that of pet photography using a digital camera. For some pets, a good photograph representing their best qualities is very easy, for others it is more elusive. Some people choose to have professional photos taken. While this can be a good solution, with a little preparation and plenty of patience a person should still be able to achieve similar results themselves. Using the digital camera and its various great features this becomes even more easy using the technologically advances options.

Even in pet photography using a digital camera patience is the most important element in a good pet photo. However the stress of being patient and at the same time the elevation of rising costs has remained under bounds due to the advanced features of pet photography using a digital camera. The best possible lighting is achieved outside in natural light. In pet photography using the it must be tried to do this even if the pet is an indoor only pet. This gives the result the desired efficiency it requires. Direct sunlight needs to be avoided, as this can alter natural coloring. A bright but overcast day is perfect for this pet photography. A flash must never be used for pet photography if one wants to capture the true coloring and shading of his or her pet. This can also cause red-eye.

Again in pet photography it must be ensured to take the photos on their level. Pets looking up at the photographer unless it assumes the posture that the portrait demands to appear are something that can give reverse results. In pet photography one must not make them come to them. Instead, go to where they are most comfortable. Sit on the grass, lie on the floor, whatever it takes. This is especially important for full body shots, which look best from the side rather than above. In pet photography the photographers must essentially take at least two facial photos and have their face fill the frame as much as possible while still in sharp focus. A good practice if the pet will not sit still, is to have someone hold them in position. If these pictures are solely for the portrait, then hands and arms in the frame do not matter and are easily removed as long as they do not cover important markings. In pet photography using a digital camera this is the magic of the technology!

The above lines have revealed the very very important concepts in the world and art of pet photography using a digital camera. In pet photography the over all idea is that of concepts and innovations and the use of a digital camera makes all these innovations the easiest to be implemented and thereby makes even the most novice photographers the experts they can only dream of.