JointEffects, a Weblog

by : Robin Reed

I, too, have fallen in love with the Moon, and now watch for it at night, and on my computer I track the cycle of it's fullness each month. I'm becoming more aware of the restorative power of this practice of watching. Of course, remembering to step outside at night is another matter. When I'm not too busy, too late, too something.... so I am working on being inconsolable when I cannot watch the moon-- when I remember.

Last night, I stood in the yard waiting for my dog to finish her evening routine, and even though there were giant storm clouds, the moon hung clearly in the black sky. It was still, majestic, and untouched by war, tsunami, train wrecks, murders, poverty, and suffering. I found myself feeling homesick for my Mom, my brother, my best friend Blue, and wanting to return to somewhere in the world that would feel simple, and safe. It was a flash moment, a pinge in my heart, and then the cloud moved over the Moon, and Kashi came running towards the door.

As I opened the shades and the window in my bedroom to listen to the rainstorm that had begun, there it was again - visiting me. Even in the midst of cloudstreams moving like rivers from the ocean over the Bay, the Moon comes through. I think it is seeking me out tonight. Ahhh, my heart softens. The sadness lifts. I notice an inner shift, a palpable change inside. I have remembered! I have remembered to pay attention to the Moon. And the Moon has reached into my heart.

My Guru, Swami Chidvilasananda, loves the Moon. She melts my heart with her love of watching the Moon and how she describes it as it rises into the evening sky. In the deep silence of the Moon, she says, we will hear God speaking. TonightFree Articles, the Moon is coming out from the dense clouds to talk to me. I am hoping you will have this moment with the Moon tonight.......please remember?