Become a Blog Pro: Some Professional Blogging Tips

by : Caroline Miller

The first time you set up your own blog, your only intention was to start a new hobby - something that would keep you busy during long, insomnia-filled nights or slow, lazy days at the office. You didn't care about blog traffic and how many readers your posts got. You wrote and posted only for your own fulfilment.

You soon came to realize, however, that a handful of people have come to discover your blog, and what they saw and read, they liked. You discover that your blog is getting a constant increase in hits as well as a steady set of visitors every week. This, in your opinion, was a very interesting development that had potential.

The potential was in advertising. While surfing for other blogs you notice that a lot of them have ads put up in their sites. You do a little research to find that you too can put up ads on your sites, so that you can earn a little extra cash with your blog.

With the success of your blog came a brilliant, albeit extreme, idea - why not quit your job to become a professional blogger? Your blog's already getting a lot of hits anyway, it seems to have the right formula for a successful blog, why not ride on its good points in order to make it something bigger?

But before you storm out your office cubicle to walk to your boss's corner office to slap him in the face with your resignation, sit back, and understand the possible implications of becoming a professional blogger. Read on to get more info on what professional blogging really is, and how you can succeed through it.

How do you succeed with professional blogging? Read on for some tips.

1. Decide what you want to blog about. With professional blogging, it's best that you write about a particular subject, say, fishing, so that all your articles and advertisement revolve around that major subject. While it might be tempting to just write about your everyday occurrences, it may not work in getting a strong, steady reader base. But with a specific subject to blog about, you can be sure to get a group of steady surfers clicking over to your site.

2. Advertise your blog! Join blog networks, set up posts on forums, put your blog's address in the signature on your every email. This way, more readers will know about your blog.

It's also important to know that professional blogging isn't a "get rich quick" scheme. It may sound easy, making money by just typing on your computer at home, but it also takes a lot of work, and you must be ready for that.