Writing articles to promote your website or business

by : Douglas Titchmarsh

How do I know that writing and submitting articles works?
I have placed a tracking link in one of my articles, and seen the hits from that link increasing as the article circulates.
I'm sure that the traffic will die off sometime, that's why I write and submit at least one new article every week.
If you want to take advantage of traffic from articles you write and submit, then the following few tips may help to make it easier and more effective for you.

5 Tips for writing & submitting articles...

1. Just go for it, don't be overly fussy, write an article, read it and check for spelling mistakes and then submit it. People get too wrapped up in spelling, grammar etc. and never get round to doing it.

2. Make sure you have a good title, which contains keywords for your article, but also write it to catch attention. Which would you read?
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3. submit to as many authors and article sites as you can, so your article gets picked up and used by as many ezine writers, and web builders as possible. You can find a list of article sites to submit to at

4. Don't turn your article into an ad if you are promoting a product, make it informational and add the link to your site in the authors bio (or signature) which all article directories allow. It is also a requirement that anyone who uses articles from directories keeps your bio intact.

5. Stuck for ideas? My own personal ideas for articles come from what goes on around me. I spot something which sets me thinking, and I make some notes as the ideas flow. Later I fill out the notes with details, and follow on with any new ideas I get. Others write a review of a product, or servive

I hope these few tips will get you started or help you to improve your use of articles as a promotional tool. I can assure you it worksScience Articles, I tracked my article link after all.