Can You Really Profit From Blogging?

by : Comlev

There are new ways to increase your profit from the countless money-making ventures in the Internet. People do not fail to constantly discover and make these new ways possible.

One of the recent innovations to hit the Internet lately and is gaining wide popularity is the use of "blogs."

Blogs or weblogs are the newest hip and trendy way to be published online. It is like a personal diary online where entries are constantly uploaded and updated.

The nature of "blogging" has grabbed the attention of Internet Marketers and advertisers because they envisioned that there are more to blogging than just being a personal write-up. For them, "blogs" can be used to bring in more visitors to websites that would mean more profit.

Why do these people see the potential of blogging? Well, they are equipped with hard facts. Study them and see the great promises of blogging.

Though used by more techno-savvy internet customers, only 38% of them know what blogs are.
Only 0.03 % of the 34.5 million has seen the potential of blogging in generating sales and attracts customers to contact companies. But this does not stop marketers.
More and more people are using blogs that a separate search engine was established just to locate specific blogs classified in subjects. The engine has been monitoring 654,108 weblogs with 25,074,570 active links and additional 55,943,837 links being tracked.
Today's Blogosphere (meaning blogs worldwide) has been ballooning in population and it will not stop as time forwards making millions of entries with 23,000 blogs a day or 1 blog every three seconds.
Blogs is the only source of "Opt-In - Full Permission" subscription source for the Internet marketers.
With blogging plus a lot of ways to imitate in the Internet just to be "in" like homepages, spam and emails, it has destroyed already the possibilities and weakening of one-to-one communication instead you will find it truly harder to connect with your existing and possible customers online.

What is great with "blogs" is its openness and freedom because you can write whatever you like or specifically write on your field of expertise aside from it is very user-friendly that you do not need to study programming to learn and get training.

The key for your blog to get notice and generate the visitors it needs is a regularly updated blog and new information uploading as often as everyday. Search engines love these kinds of blogs because it means the website is not stagnant. It should be as lively and active as possible to welcome visitors converted to customers and profit. Contents is very valuable so be sure what you upload is useful chunks of information.

Once you have created relationships with your clients, you are now ready to incorporate more to your blog to help accumulate profits. You can join affiliate programs that will allow you to sell products through links found in your blog. Commission will start pouring in. You can also ask for donations to help you maintain your blog.

If you have taken care of a stable, steady flow of traffic (visitors) to your site, you can provide advertising spaces for your blogs and advertisers will pay you. An example of which is the use of Google Adsense wherein Google ads will be posted on your blog site. And for every click of the ad, you will get your share of the pay.

Sounds pretty interesting to earn more, right?

Wait till you here more of how to make money from blogs.

1.Adsense from Google - Mentioned from the previous paragraph, is indeed a very good way to use your blog as a place for advertisements.

2.Books or ebooks - This is also an additional way to attract visitors in your website by recommending libraries where you found the books you have read and would like to share. By making your blog site interactive, you can ask people to read some of the books and encourage them to give their reviews, suggestions and comments. Amazon affiliate links will link all the recommended books.

3.Donations - You may ask for donations though the possibilities are slim. Amazon and Paypal services utilizes the honor system that you might want to imitate and develop more. Set up goals for this, on how you go about raising your profit on your own.

4.Hosting other ads ñ You may want to try blogads. This is the most cost-effective way to generate income and reach more audience.

5.Merchandise ñ You can provide giveaways and merchandises to your customers especially if they are consistent with their purchases and visits. Suggestions of products are mugs, pens, shirts and keychains. Produce them with logos of your company.

6.eMinimalls - Sophisticated form of ads that provides more information than other ads.

7.Learn your market - Know what they need, want and demand. Get their ideas using online surveys. Ask them to answer the surveys.

8.Content is crucial - Be sure that all your articles in the blog are informative and very useful so that people will be attracted to your site and convince them to purchase. Update yourself constantly with information.

9.Affiliate Programs - If you opt to sell other people's products, you can join affiliates programs closely related to your site and business. Affiliates do not sell the products but instead warm-up customers so that as soon as they arrived on the site of the merchant, they have an open frame of mind to buy the products.

10.Sell your blog - This is possible as long as your blog has what it takes or you can buy other blogs yourself for purpose of business. Choose blogs that are already established and has steady flow of traffic.

Now, you can have a personal journal and at the same time make money out of it.