Data Recovery - a Need for All Computer Users

by : Recover Data

There is nothing more frustrating than losing your important documents which you've created spending precious time. You might have heard the term "Data Recovery" if you are somewhere related with this circumstance. The Concise meaning of the term is to extracting lost, deleted data from damaged, failed, corrupted, or inaccessible hard drives when it cannot be accessed normally with the help of various Data Recovery Software available in the market which is capable of recovering data which has been lost due to many reasons.

Reasons of Data Loss

Data Loss is a fatal situation in which you cannot get access to your important data which has been stored on your hard drives. This data can be your Business Documents, Music files, Personal Pictures and important Emails or anything. What's the reason for such loss and what steps do we take to overcome to this situation? This Question will come to your mind first when your hard drive gets corrupted.

Before proceeding to the preventions we should first take a look to some of the major causes which led to certain stage of disaster.

Major Reasons of Data Loss

&bull Virus Attacks - "Virus Attacks increases at the rate of nearly 300-500 new Trojans and viruses every month". In daily life you are at an ever-increasing risk to become infected with a virus. To prevent yourself against a viral threat is to install an Anti-virus program on your system and scan it regularly to keep yourself update whether your system is infected.

&bull Hardware or System Problems - When powering on your computer you might hear clicking, buzzing, scrapping and ratting sounds. These are the noises that come when the motor, electronic boards or magnetic platters get damaged due to any electric failure or a head crash. Alternately, the drive might also refuse to spin and results in inaccessible data.

&bull Human Error - Accidental deletion and overwriting is one of the main reason of data loss that more often happens. This event occurs when you overwrite any existing data or emptied the recycle bin. This is the data loss event of human error category.

&bull Software Malfunction - Data can also be lost due to some technical defect of failure of some software running on the computer.

&bull Natural Disaster - Natural disaster can have devastating effect on the physical drive. Data Recovery Software rescued data from fires, floods, lightening strikes and subsequent power surges. The best way to prevent your important data from the arrival of such an unpredictable event is to keep the backup of your documents once in a week.

These are the main five reasons of data loss, from which you should be aware of to avoid your valuable data from being lost. You can prevent yourself from such situation by taking some simple and easy steps.

Ways to Prevent Data Loss
Here I will recommend you some major points to prevent against Data Loss:

&bull Back-up important data regularly - Using CDs or even an external USB hard drive for data storage can potentially save you from having to hire a data recovery service to perform hard drive data recovery on your hard drive or RAID server.

&bull Install some sort of Anti-Virus - Viruses infects your computer by reading an infected e-mail, by sharing an infected file and by visiting websites that take advantage of security flaws to compromise and destroy your data.

&bull Placement of your computer system - Keep your computer system in safe, dry and dust free area to prevent physical damage to the computers.

&bull Use power surge protectors - A power surge is one of the most common occurrences that can damage your data and potentially cause a hard drive failure.

&bull Shut down your computer - Always close your programs before shutting down your computer. If you just turn off your computer without properly closing your files, you run the risk of loosing your data.


Trust your data on professionals not hawkers. Do not wait for the worst to happen just call in the professional or choose Do-it-yourself Data recovery Software by searching the terms like "Data Recovery, Data Recovery Software" on the Google toolbar. We at Recover Data assure you to provide best and professional Data recovery software to help you retrieve data or information that has previously been deleted. It can also help you recover any data that has been lost because of virus attacks, power surge, software failures, and more.