Rollback Rx - Cost Effective Disaster Recovery

by : Jacob Henderson

Rollback Rx system restore software is a user friendly, cost effective PC protection solution that prevents data loss. No special training is required to operate it. PC restore with Rollback Rx is a simple process and data recovery even easier. Data loss becomes a major issue in organizations where a lot of data is handled. It becomes all the more critical to make sure that there is a system restore utility in place; one that can get systems up and running quickly in the event of an unexpected problem like a system crash, a software problem or even data robbery. In such cases, traditionally you would have to reach a technically competent person, and hope that he is free to attend to your system. If he is not, then it will involve a wait, because it is usually not advisable to get into system files since there is a chance of making the problem worse. With Rollback Rx system restore software, you can sail through your problem smoothly by restoring your pc, effectively protecting it against data loss. You can even fix your device drivers and other computer applications.

Automatic Updates Made Easy

You can program Rollback Rx to keep your pc updated routinely. Generally for Windows operating system updates, you sometimes have to keep your systems on through the night. This means that if there is a problem, either you have to be prepared with a solution, or face the music when you arrive at work in the morning. With Rollback Rx, since this critical update process is done automatically, you need not fret about it. Your technical support staff can deploy their time more effectively to attend to other priority work.

Many organizations spend millions of dollars on maintaining their network of PCs. Manpower has to be spared, which means lost man-hours to do unscheduled work and a major waste of time. Remote management of PCs is possible with Rollback Rx, which means that even if you are traveling and face a problem with your pc, your systems administrator can troubleshoot it and set it right for you right from where he or she is. Within seconds. Your system is rolled back to its earlier operational state and then you can go ahead with whatever you were doing. Rollback Rx uses a subsystem and a kernel system to effectively protect your PC. These in turn create a sector map and virtual shied that keeps the operating system from knowing what is happening at the sector level. This is why Rollback Rx can start your pc even when operating system won't start. Making it a very cost effective solution, saving time as well as money.