Rollback Rx -the Only Solution Youll Ever Need

by : Jacob Henderson

If you thought maintaining a PC or a network of PCs was a difficult job, change your mind. Rollback Rx system restore software is the only solution you will ever need to keep your systems working smoothly. Without affecting performance, you can rest completely assured that no data will be lost. Even the files you were working on, when the system developed a problem can be retrieved! No other software application in the market can work as efficiently as Rollback Rx when it comes to protecting your data.

How Does Rollback Rx Work?

Rollback Rx uses snapshot technology. This means it takes a photograph of your system configuration from time to time. This gives you the picture of your system at every checkpoint, giving you the option of choosing from numerous system configurations based on the snapshot. This allows you to rollback and forth selecting the snapshot that suits you best. These are stored in your hard drive but no files or folders are created because they are in the sector level of your hard disk. Valuable hard disk space does not have to be devoted to storing these snapshots unlike other system restore applications that not only hog space but also slow down the performance of your system frustrating the user.

Controlled Access

You can even create a password for certain options when you use Rollback Rx. You have the option of granting access to certain facilities to users of your choice and they will only be able to reach that utility and not the others for which you have not granted permission. Rollback Rx is very flexible to use. One big issue with the Windows operating system is the Windows critical update. Sometimes this can take so long that you are forced to keep your systems on - open to hackers, virus and spyware while struggling to ensure that your Operating system is up to date. And what will happen if something goes wrong? Nothing, if you have Rollback Rx installed in your system. It lets you sleep in peace by making sure that your network of computers stays up to date with the latest security patches.

Automatic Updation

You are probably wondering whether Rollback Rx, with all its utilities will work well with you existing antivirus and antispyware applications. In fact, Rollback Rx is totally compatible with all antivirus and antispyware - rather, it is extremely effective against day zero attacks. You do not lose any data whatsoever. Also, Rollback Rx keeps your antivirus and antispyware applications updated automatically, once you schedule it accordingly. What can be better than this?