Get Ahead by Going Back With Rollback Rx

by : Jacob Henderson

Your PC Maintenance and Management package is definitely not complete without Rollback Rx. Because if you can't go back, you can't get ahead! You can actually turn the clock back by retrieving data you thought was lost. Rollback Rx works in conjunction with your antivirus software, antispyware and your other system maintenance utilities, providing you with a solid defense system against computer problems. The most convenient thing about Rollback Rx is the ability to automate most of its operations. You have total freedom to decide what to do, putting the control in your hands, while Rollback Rx resides in your system tray waiting for you to access it when required. From this icon, you can view all the system snapshots taken by Rollback Rx with which you can perform your pc restore effortlessly.

How does the snapshot technology help?

Rollback Rx creates unlimited snapshots so that you can travel back in time for as far as you want unlike competitors' products that only allow days. The built in defrag tool keeps the snapshots in order. With the snapshots at your disposal, you can recover a single file from many, delete snapshots you think you don't want, or just do a full system recovery. The snapshot taken by Rollback Rx as soon as the program is installed is called the baseline snapshot. You can consider this the basic configuration of your computer. Every time you install a new program you can schedule your Rollback Rx to take a system snapshot. But suppose you want to fix computer problems and happen to reformat your hard disk, no need to worry about lost data. You can just rollback to that original baseline configuration and work from a clean slate!

A Diagnostic Tool

Later on, if you decide to make a new baseline configuration when you do a system upgrade with say, a new operating system or add new service packs, you can do that by updating the old one. All the changes you make are logged faithfully by Rollback Rx, so if you want to retrieve data for problem analysis or diagnosis, you have ready access to it.

Rollback Rx is also the ideal system restore utility while testing programs. If a problem occurs while testing various programs, you can always roll back to the system configuration snapshot before the install. Some programs just wont let you remove them completely resulting in the operating system hanging or crashing. It is very easy to install and uninstall Rollback Rx, which is an important consideration for a system utility.