Rollback Rx - Putting Pc Control Where it Belongs

by : Jacob Henderson

Straight into your hands. That's where Rollback Rx takes its orders from! This system restore and disaster recovery solution believes that you, the user must be the one with all the options. There are several pc protection software products in the market today, but Rollback Rx is superior to them for several reasons. Extremely user friendly, Rollback Rx gives you complete control over your data - with the freedom to choose any system configuration from the snapshots created by the software. It can be very depressing to face a system crash when you are trying to complete urgent work. Although pc problems are unpredictable and can be due to many reasons like virus attacks, patch management errors, user errors, software misfires, or accidental data deletion, one has to be prepared with a concrete solution to successfully solve the problem. Rollback Rx enables you to do just that.

Pictures Speak Louder

Working diligently at the sector level of your hard disk so that you don't have to spare space for its activities, Rollback Rx is truly efficient. It creates snapshots based on a pre set schedule or manual operation, to give you the choice of system configurations. There is no limit to the number of snapshots you want to take. This means you can take a snapshot as frequently as you want, and rest assured that you can always restore pc to any of those states. Suppose you try to uninstall a program but it doesn't get done properly, you can get rid of those unwanted data files, and other residues that didn't get cleaned up earlier. You can also rollback forward to the point of time where you were working on data when the problem occurred. PC maintenance becomes a pleasure with Rollback Rx. Probably the most important advantage is minimization of downtime. You don't have to spend hours trying to reach your technician because you are too scared to tinker with your system settings. You can operate Rollback Rx if you have basic computer knowledge, referring to the comprehensive user guide that comes with the software. It is very easy to install and uninstall.

What About Multi Boot Systems?

What, indeed? Multiple operating systems are just as easy to maintain with Rollback Rx as are single user PCs. There are different versions of Rollback Rx for different types of uses. The right version of the system restore software must be selected and configured as per your requirements. With the variety of set up options, you can control an entire network from a single location! How is that for convenience?