Rollback Rx - Pc Optimizer With a Difference

by : Jacob Henderson

There is nothing like having a fast, easy to use system restore software that can get your system started even if the operating system refuses to load - all it takes is a keystroke and a mouse click and a few seconds; whether you had a major or a minor problem, whether you have one system of a network of systems, it's the same procedure. While you cannot avoid problems from occurring you can definitely be prepared with Rollback Rx in your system to easily solve any pc issues that arise. It uses a unique technology that involves taking snapshots of your system configuration. This means that if your pc crashes, or even if you are faced with the blue screen of death or BSoD, you need not worry. Rollback Rx prevents the loss of your data, while quickly enabling you fix computer problems so that you can concentrate on work instead of troubleshooting.

Tell It What To Do

When Rollback Rx is installed in your system, your life becomes very easy in terms of pc maintenance and management. You can even control your network through remote management. Routine tasks can be scheduled, and so can snapshot taking. By doing this, Rollback Rx will automatically take snapshots of your system configuration at particular times specified by you. This could be every hour, every day, every week or every month. Rollback Rx can even be scheduled to log off when you want. You can also program it to take snapshots of your system every time you start or shut down. There is no limit to the number of snapshots it can take. You can customize Rollback Rx according to your convenience.

Rollback Rx system restore software allows setting of passwords. Several user ids can be created and you can also decide who should access certain features of the software. In fact you can hide access to the control console from where Rollback Rx is operated. For optimized use of Rollback Rx, it is better to defragment your hard drive before you install it so that it can work faster. Also, as a precautionary measure, run an antivirus check on your computer. The last thing you want to do is rollback to a state where you are infected with virus! Once you finish scanning, disable the antivirus software prior to installing Rollback Rx. It is best to keep your Rollback Rx user guide nearby so that you can refer to any doubts you may have. Let Rollback Rx optimize your PC's performance!