How to Restore Deleted Logical Partition

by : Jerry Tim

Hard Drive is the most important storage medium to store precious data. You can store huge amount of data on it and can manage the data and space very easily. To store and manage data effectively, hard drive is divided into two or more partitions. It maximizes the storage space of the drive and helps you to prevent data loss conditions in case of operating system crash. Making multiple partitions offers easy installation of OS to the primary partition and you can store data on other partitions.

The benefit of creating multiple partitions proves helpful in case of disaster; in such situations you can format the primary partition on which the operating system in installed. The other advantage include that you can store one type of data on one logical partition to manage them easily.

FAT (File Allocation Table) and NTFS (New Technology File System) are the two basic partition types used on Windows based computers. Sometimes FAT and NTFS partitions gets deleted or corrupted and become invisible or inaccessible. The partitions may get deleted or corrupted due to some general reasons like

Accidental deletion of partition
Power Surges
Hard Disk failure, crashes
Virus Attacks
When your OS cannot access hard drive

If any of these situations happens, partitions deletion can take place. Due to partition deletion, vital and important data stored on them become invisible or inaccessible. It may create several hardships for the people who are dependant on these lost data.

But there is nothing to worry, your important data still recoverable from lost partitions. You can perform this task using partition recovery software.

Partition recovery software are the application programs designed to restore lost logical partition from the physical drive and then recover lost data from the particular partition. These are advanced software that search the entire physical drive and locate the missing logical drive. After searching the logical drive, you can search for the lost data in normal way as you perform it in case of general data recovery.

In marketplace there is an abundance of Partition Recovery software. Among these software, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is the most advanced and easy to use partition recovery software. The software provides GUI environment so that the novice user can use them effectively as well as the technical users. The software also provides data recovery from all other possible cases of data loss in windows including accidental deletion, and disk formatting.