Php: Hypertext Preprocessor

by : Santanu Boral

PHP is generally a scripting language, which is suited for web development. It can be embedded into HTML. If you want to know about PHP, you have to check out the online manual.

PHP 5.2.5 is announced by the PHP development team. In fact all PHP users are encouraged to upgrade to this release. The people, who are attached with the development, are very pleased to announce the initial released of the new system, which is generated the PHP manuals. Everyone encourages testing and using this system.

Except additional changes to the PHP manual, this new build system is stable. Basically, in this PHP manual is improved navigated system and styling for OOP documentation. For further details about PHP 5.2.4 is released can be found in the released announcement for the current version of PHP. From today, the three years ago, the PHP 5.0 was released. Till last three years, there has been seen many improvements over PHP 4.0, although PHP 5.0 is fast, stable and production-ready. As we all know PHP 6 is on the way, and PHP 4 will be discontinued.

The PHP development team hereby announces that support for PHP 4.0, which will be continued until the end of the year only. In fact after December, 2007 there will be no more release of PHP 4.4. So the rest of the days of this year, always you have to make your application suitable for PHP 5, and for that purpose you have to follow the PHP migration guide.