Gift-registry Modified for Virtuemart

by : Sourabh

Joomla Component -Gift Registry

1. Gift-registry modified for Virtuemart.

The PHP Gift Registry is a web-enabled gift registry intended for use among
a circle of family members or friends. It is intended to fill the following
? Permit the long-term storage of a list of items one desires, along
with its price, where it can be bought, and (optionally) a URL where it can
be viewed.
? Enabled items to be "locked" by one shopper so that the same
item is not bought by someone else.
Its features include:
? A single unifying view of items on your own list and people whose lists
you can view.
? A now-optional request/permit system by which you can control who can
see your list.
? A "checkin/checkout" system which allows you to reserve items
on someone's list.
? An in-system messaging system by which users can be informed of item
deletions or custom announcements.
? New users can request accounts. Optionally, administrators will be
informed about the request, and they can then approve or reject the request.
Either way, the user will be informed by e-mail.
? A site-customizable ranking system for items.
? An events system for users to add significant (read: gift-bearing)
events which will show up on others' displays when the event nears.

Coming soon products:

    * Custom product builder for virtuemart.

  • Admin uploads basic product / products

  • Admin can upload his addons and Set costs for each addon.

  • User can upload his addons and superimpose them on products. (admin controled
    facility optional)

  • Final superimposed image is saved in admin panel for administrator to view

  • User is sent to Checkout process in Virtuemart. (admin controled facility

  • User gets normal virtuemart checkout page.

  • Admin can use all facilities of Virtuemart for checkout and shipping.

  • This can be used as shopping cart or as just display for your customers.

  • Extremely useful for Tshirt shops, Landscape designers, Interior Designers,
    Custom product builders, Artists.

  • * Document management system including podcasting of video and audio files.

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