Digital Camera Shooting Techniques

by : Monty Alexander

You brought the latest digital camera costing a fortune and are all set to explore the photographer in you. You hurriedly go through the manual and are impatient to start shooting. You take out your camera and flaunting it you start taking pictures. Some are good but many are not. When you transfer it onto your computer most of the pictures you have taken turn out to be disappointing and you start wondering if the camera is having some defect. You even take the camera to an event only to find that the pictures are not what you expected out of such an expensive camera. Well, the fault lies in your usage and technique of photography. Some people take good photographs on a simple entry level digital camera and some can't even take decent photographs on an expensive all equipped digital SLR. Thus your technique and knowledge of your camera helps you in taking good pictures and not the camera itself.

People tend to believe that digital cameras have automated modes which take excellent pictures but the technology is not independent of the user. A person keen in photography should know his camera well and then only can he take decent pictures. Digital cameras of Canon offer excellent specifications and have a wide range of cameras suiting all budgets, but one needs to have basic photography sense to take good pictures. The one thing that excites us is the camera flash which makes us believe that we get clear pictures each time. But this is not the case; flash has to be used only when required. Even in outdoors flash can be used to brighten the object or the person if it is in a shady area. Always using flash indoors is also not a good idea as it can play with the natural colors of the object and ruin the picture.

Using the macro mode for taking close-up shots is highly recommendable. The macro mode provides fair clarity while taking a close shot. The auto focus mode is not always recommended. The automated focus picks up the object closest to it and brings into focus, but this is not what you always want. Thus if there is an option of manual focus too in your digital camera you could use it to get the object of your choice in focus.

All digital cameras have a LCD display at their back, this display is not just for watching the pictures clarity but are also useful in gaining the right balance and proportion of the picture. Proportion means while clicking a landscape picture you need to get the right proportions of land, sky and greenery to have a good picture. This proportion can be achieved by watching on the horizontal and vertical lines in the display of the digital camera. Sony, Kodak, Nikon and Canon are a good name as a camera manufacturer. I think canon digital cameras are most user friendly, stylish, versatile capabilities and include a variety of prices among all digital cameras.

The ISO setting is the shutter speed that allows the amount of light and speed of clicking a shot. While clicking still object you can manually lower the ISO setting for gaining better clarity and good picture. While clicking a moving image you can set the ISO setting to the highest to capture the image in its motion and get a good blur free shot. Thus by using these simple techniques you can get better images and you won't blame your camera for a bad shot.

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