Digital Camera Buying Tips For Novice Photographers

by : Roberto Sedycias

Life is a stream that lets memories flow away as we leaving them behind. Although, it`s difficult to find time to look back and reminisce your past memories in this fast-paced world, sometimes we feel really special to muse over the pleasant moments of those bygone days that take us into a sweet nostalgia. Hence, people make it a point to capture their special moments with the help of digital cameras no matter how big or small the occasions are.

Digital cameras have become so popular in the last couple of years that many cell phone manufactures have started offering mobile phones with a built-in camera. Although, cell phone cameras let people capture photograph as and when they like, their use, however, is limited to certain occasions. This is because mobile phone cameras are unable to offer the clarity and precision that standard digital cameras can offer. This brings the necessity of buying a digital camera among many people who are passionate about photography.

But, here is the deal - if you are one of those first-time buyers of a digital camera, you are likely to face some or other problems while buying which is going to hurt your decision. Remember the following points before you go and buy a digital camera for the first time.

Determine your needs:

Before you decide to buy a digital camera, determine your specific needs. Do you need a digital camera just for fun such as capturing pictures and sharing them with your family and relatives via email, or do you want to learn the nuances of professional photography? Knowing your specific requirements will help you in buying the right digital camera and saving money as well.

What`s your budget:

Digital cameras are available with price range starting from 100$ to 1000$. However, you should set a particular budget before buying the gadget. Actually, what you want to do with the digital camera decides the money that you are required to spend on it. For instance, if you want to buy a digital camera for professional photography, you may have to spend a few hundreds extra than if you want to buy a standard digital camera used for amateur and fun photography. If you are buying a digital camera for fun, it should cost you between 300$ and 400$ with all the standard features.

The mystery called megapixel:

Megapixel is critical to the clarity of a picture when you take pictures with the help of a digital camera. Hence, higher the megapixel of a digital camera, clearer the pictures that you will be able to get with it. What should be the megapixel of your digital camera? If you are going to use your digital camera to take and share pictures with your friends, family and relatives for fun, a 2-mega pixel should be ideal for you. If you are looking at taking pictures of professional quality and bigger size, buy a digital camera that should be have at least 4-5 megapixel.

Zero in on the optical zoom:

If you are not familiar with the lingo of digital camera, you are most likely to confuse between digital zoom and optical zoom. Many manufactures will try to sell their digital cameras on the basis of digital zoom. However, you should know that digital zoom gives you larger image compromising the quality. Go with the optical zoom as you can get enlarged pictures with good quality.

Compatibility factors:

When you buy a digital camera, make sure you figure out if it is compatible with your personal computer. This is because you are going to use it along with your computer. Usually, specifications and minimum requirements are mentioned in the digital camera manual. Ask the sales person to explain them to you if you are not able to understand them properly enough.