Just Give Me My HDTV And Stereo!

by : Jim Williams

My woman and I just concluded we are going to get a divorce. Of course, we are now just lawfully separated because we get to wait a full year before we conclude the divorce paperwork the Town courthouse.

Until then, I am living in a undersized one bedroom rented apartment in Chicago while she stays in our 4 bedroom 3 bath house. There is something real dirty about this condition but I have my plans.

More of the things in the house are virtually mine because she doesn't ever use them or need them in the first place. So I anticipate I will be pretty lucky in the separating of goods department. I estimate I should go ahead and let you all know exactly what I am thinking I would need out of the home goods.

The first things is the high definition television I asked for two Christmas' ago. I had loved a high definition television ever since they came out but it wasn't until then that I was able to convince her we should get one.

I love that high definition display. There is really nothing like it. I also want the high definition antenna I bought especially for it. The antenna gives me high definition channels without having to pay additional to the cable company.

It will seem extraordinary in my new apartment since the antenna is small. I will likely put the antenna on top of the speaker box. This brings me to the next thing I want and reckon I should acquire the surround sound system for our entertainment center included with the high definition television.

She never uses the surround sound and there is no reason why she would need it. She doesn't care about watching television or listening to rattling music like I do. I also want the games from the game room. We acquired a pair of arcade games, an air hockey table, and a pool table.

I don't see where I will put it all but I do have a storage shed it would all fit in. I mean to buy a home someday so I would love to get other game room. I believe that just roughly covers the essentials.

I require the high definition television, the antenna, the games in the game area and the surround system. I will be blessed to allow her anything else because those are truly the toys I can't live without.