Push Email for Mobile Phones

by : Amika Mobile

It is interesting that the approach that vendors and carriers continue to tout to users is that they need ALL their emails on the mobile phones. Users can either register for a “push” email for mobile phones service such as the Blackberry and receive every annoying desktop email they get in its full glory with its hundreds of lines and threads. Or they can sign-up to other vendor offerings such as Google or Yahoo! with their “pull” offerings for Smart Phones which download your desktop email view to your 2×2 inch micro screen! Both types of services force you into expensive plans of $50-100 per month and you have to buy a Smart Phone. This is even the model for the more innovative devices such as the iPhone from Apple. So, what is a poor overwhelmed user to do?

Users need to look at reducing the volume and hence expense of the “all” or “nothing” model. The enterprise can look at buying a product that only forwards the critical emails to users with the option to reduce the content of those emails down to the key content. Consumers can similarly sign-up to Smart Email-to-SMS portals that automatically reduce the number of packets (and hence cost) based on salient content and then decide if that email should go mobile or not.

The carriers and the vendors would have us believe there are no such services! All you have to do is look at innovative solutions like the Email to SMS solution of Amika Mobile to know that there are great alternatives out there!!