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by : MicheleGiove

Spy phones
For some of us technology has made life really simple. However, for some our own, especially the one who chose to offend us with their apparent infidelity or some act that brings up misgivings, technology might just prove to be a bane. You see, on one hand while there are a lot of gadgets that do help us tremendously, we have some more that can be used for covert operations or simply put -- spying. While spying can be done for a lot of reasons by a lot of people, covert operations like these usually come with a predominant element of suspicion along with it all.

Today, technology exists that can make an inconspicuously looking, seemingly harmless GSM mobile phone a superlative, unobtrusive and very effective spy phone -- it can be used to check on the actions of one's target, whenever and wherever deemed fit. What's more, you don't even need any complicated hardware for this. All you need is software available on the web that can be easily affordable.

Surveillance - the basics:

"Watching over" is what the term 'Surveillance" means in French, and it is almost like that no matter where it is used. Surveillance is the way security is rendered at most of the public places, hotels, airports, sea ports, and busy bus and railway stations. "Closed Circuit Televisions" and 'Spy cameras are generally used for achieving the same and just when we thought we are there, new technology always finds a way to delight us with its tricks up its sleeve.

So what exactly is a spy phone and how does it look like?

A spy phone is a normal GSM phone configured such that it has an inbuilt secret microphone that can be triggered by sending an sms, mms or a call. One must note that it also has the normal microphone in it which responds to the normal calls that a user receives. Now, when you need to spy on someone or want to hear every sound around the spy phone, you would just dial the number that is pre-programmed to trigger the secret microphone. Once you do that, the phone is triggered but doesn't't ring or blink. It simply activates itself and lets you hear that is being said while the user unknowingly carries the phone wherever he or she travels.

Here's the best part -- there is no way you could make out the spy phone from an ordinary one. The microphone used in the spy phone is just the same as the one you have on your cell phone. There is really nothing in it to distinguish it from the normal ones. You can even activate the phone like you would activate your regular cell phone from anywhere in the world and it would work with any SIM card. Your spy phone can be used as a surveillance device on anyone you wish to spy on -- it is usually friends, spouse etc.
Many of these developments were made possible when Cell Phones were given the
capability to connect to the Internet. This allowed the exchange of data from phone
to Internet and back from Internet to phone and led to all the interactive features of
present Cell Phones.
These days, however, most of these secret spying operations are done with all the more ease thanks to the fact that cell phones now-a-days come with features like GPRS, EDGE and 3G that enable them to connect to the Internet. Have you ever stopped to wonder hoe vulnerable your cell phone is to the unscrupulous elements online? It is actually far easier to hack cell phones since they don't have firewalls, or even some of the basic security features. Think about it, have you ever typed a password to enter your cell phone's Interface?

So what's the latest on the cell phone spying front?

One of the hottest warrant-free surveillance toys is in vogue already, and it's available for everyone. World Tracker -- A service based in the United Kingdom, apparently uses cell tower data or the Global positioning system to hunt down any GSM cell phone. All you have to do is to feed the number you want to track into a nifty Google Maps-based interface, and you'll be able to swoop down on the target cell phone's location with a fair amount of accuracy. It is going to be a little tricky to get to track someone close to you since the target of the surveillance has to respond to a text message that is sent to the device first.
At Endoacustica, there are a range of phone models available at affordable prices. Spoilt for choice, indeed. The phones are so simply looking, yet sophisticated enough to activate the listening device that works even if the phone is a dead mode or not switched on.

Is it all fine to use such covert spying devices?

It is advisable to tread with caution. Although illegal in most developed countries, the rules are still full of loop holes for one to play in and out of. For personal uses, one can use such devices without the court's consent. It might help on checking with the respective government's policies on covert operations with regards to surveillance and related activities.

Surveillance and spying intentionally over someone suspicious of doing something unwanted is understandable. However, the latest in this field of technology also calls for some serious thought on our vulnerability to hackers. With cell phones that can be so easily altered, modified and tampered with, it could be a reason to panic. You could turn out to be a victim of Covert surveillance efforts or even eavesdropping on your conversation. All of your personal details, secrets and intimate talks can all be recorded or are at least vulnerable to malicious elements who might want to settle scores.

Spy all that you want, but it might help to be on guard, because what you give often turns about and finds its way back to you.