iPods Go Hi Fi - The Reason Is Why?

by : Jason Cox

Ever wish you could play the songs on your iPod aloud on your stereo, rather than having to listen to them through headphones? Or, you tried to play the songs through your laptop, but the speakers are too small to produce a quality sound. iPod Hi-Fi might be the solution for you.

iPod has reinvented the home stereo system. The iPod Hi-Fi, reminiscent of a boom box, comes complete with an iPod and a speaker box, allowing you to play your tunes aloud instead of listening to them through earphones.

Now you can feature your favorite songs at your next barbecue or get together with your friends. The high-fidelity speaker system works seamlessly with the iPod. The iPod connects to the speaker through a dock on the top of the speaker. Once the iPod is docked onto the speaker, a speaker menu is displayed allowing you to customize the sound for the speaker.

You can increase or decrease the treble and bass to create the sound you want. The speaker can also be purchased separately and works with any iPod, even the iPod shuffle. If you have an iPod shuffle, or another model without a dock adapter, you must use an audio cable to hook up to the speaker.

The iPod Hi-Fi is a one-piece three-way speaker, including two custom designed wide-range speakers. The complete package, iPod and speaker, is priced at $349. The speaker can be purchased separately for $50. So if you already have an iPod, this is a less expensive way to get quality sound.

The iPod Hi-Fi was designed to be completely portable. It comes with handles to make transporting easier. The speaker is included with an Apple wireless infrared remote that allows you to control the sound from wherever you may be sitting or standing.

Another feature that makes the iPod Hi-Fi ideal for portability is that it can be powered through a wall socket or by using six D-cell batteries. You can take the iPod Hi-Fi almost anywhere you want. Sit it in your car and use it instead of your car radio. Take it to the beach and listen to your music instead of someone elses. There are limitless possibilities as to where you can go with Hi-Fi. All it takes is a little imagination.

There are some other third-party speakers, but none that produce the quality sound of the iPod Hi-Fi speaker at the price at which Hi-Fi is available. Perhaps Apple saw this as an opportunity to provide something to iPod users that was not being offered by anyone else. The iPod Hi-Fi is comparable to other speakers made for iPod manufactured by JBL and Bose.

Although the Bose speaker produces a clear and crisp sound, it is expensive, large, and weighty. There are few sound controls and the iPod does not fit perfectly into the speaker. The product offered by JBL does not have a battery option and therefore, is not truly portable. Even though it is reasonable priced, the sound quality does not do justice to iPods reputation for sound. Since these were two of the major products on the market, it seemed necessary for Apple to product a speaker product that would do justice to the iPod.

It may strike some as odd that Apple would offer such a product when there are others on the market. The iPod hi-fi is designed to be uniquely different from existing iPod speakers. The Hi-Fi speaker has two handmade 80mm cones that sit on either side of a 130 mm dual voice-coil woofer. The side speakers provide mid- and high-range frequencies while the woofer enriches low frequencies. It includes two ports that increase airflow and fortify natural bass. The result is voluminous sound that fills any room.

To provide the best sound performance, the iPod Hi-Fi should be placed on a sturdy hard surface that is away from the floor and ceiling. In order for air to flow effectively, give iPod Hi-Fi room to breathe on all sides. This also means centering it between any walls. For the best sound, place iPod Hi-Fi at ear level.

You can use Hi-Fi for an alarm clock or set it to a sleep timer. The Apple remote ensures you never have to leave your seat to change songs or adjust volume. Designed for work and for play, the iPod Hi-Fi was designed to deliver quality stereo sound with convenience and portability.