Sound The Alarm! Waking Up With Your iPod

by : Jason Cox

There is another use for your iPod other than just listening to music or watching videos. You can actually set up your iPod to wake yourself up in the morning. Whether you like waking up to that BEEP, BEEP, BEEP sound from your old worn out alarm clock, or the static that come from your clock radio, the iPods alarm clock has them all beat. It will change your morning routine forever.

This should work with any iPod except the iPod Shuffle. The iPod needs to have firmware 2.1 or newer software. If you only have 2.0 or older software, do not worry. Firmware can be downloaded from apple website. A pair of speakers will also be needed.

The alarm clock feature on the iPod can be found with all of its other features, like the calendar and notes under the iPods Extra menu. This is also where you can find the games, too.

To begin setting your alarm, go to iPods main menu and select extra. Then go to clock and choose alarm clock. Once all of these are chosen, set the alarm clock to preferred time you would like to wake up.

The iPod can be set to play a song from your song list when the alarm goes off. Make sure to turn the alarm on. The icon for the alarm looks like a bell. It will come into view on the right side of the screen when the alarm feature is set. You will need to attach a pair of speakers where the headphones are usually plugged into the iPod.

Make sure that you double-check the volume on your iPod. Play a song just to make sure. This way you will be to set the volume on your iPod to make sure it is loud enough to wake you up in the morning. You will also want to make sure the iPods battery has a good charge. If it does not, or the battery goes dead, it will not be able to wake you up the next morning. Just to be on the safe side, you may want to plug into the iPods AC adaptor and not have to worry about the iPod not waking you up in the morning.

It is also a good idea not to only make sure that the time is set correctly on your iPod, but also that the correct date and time are also set. To do this you will need to go to Extras and choose clock. At this point you should be able to check that your date and time are correct. You may want to make sure your computer has the correct date & time too. Every time that you iPod is docked on to your computer, the iPods date and time settings will get synchronized to the computer.

If you would like to wake up with your iPod playing songs from your playlist, you will need to create a playlist for the iPod to play when the alarm goes off. This playlist can hold many songs or as little as one song.

If you need to make up a playlist and you are away from your computer, there is a way that you can make an On the Go playlist. Heres how to do it:

Go to the song you would like to choose using scroll wheel. Press and hold center button until song flashes over and over again. It will now be add to the On the Go Playlist. To add more songs to this playlist just repeat this last step. To view your On the Go playlist go to Music and select playlists and you should be able to see all the songs in this playlist. To remove a song from the playlist repeat this last step by holding down the select button on the song you want to remove until name flashes over and over again.

Now you should be able to rock n roll your way right out of bed in the morning waking up to your favorite music. This should be able to get your day started in the right direction. You will bebop your way into the shower and be skipping all the way to work with all of your favorite songs still in your head.