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by : John Soku

About Us is a search engine designed to make the process of finding and booking a limousine faster, cheaper and easier.

You can search thousands of limousines with one click of a button, choose the ones that suits you, get quotes by email, phone or fax then make your reservation with the company that best fits your budget or needs.

No matter what the occasion is, there are all types of vehicles available in our system.

If you don't find a limousine instantly, (some cities are not uploaded in the system yet) our representatives at will do the search for you and contact you within 24 hours.

By submitting your trip information online you save yourself the frustration, the time and the effort of repeating the same information over and over again when calling multiple limousine companies. With our system you can access all limousine companies in all areas at once. is owned and operated by an existing limousine company. With over 10 years in the business, we have the experience and know the inns and outs of how limousine companies operate.

Why should you book your limousine or chauffeured service through
Save time; submit your booking request once and get quotes from multiple Limousine companies serving you area.
Save money: We've done all the research for you and chosen the most reliable Limousine companies with the most competitive prices. Choose the company with the best quote sent to your email or phone.
Security; Limousine companies must show us proof of insurance before we accept them in our system.
No Obligation: You are not required to become a member or provide a credit card to get a quote. Our service is free, provide your credit card info only to the Limousine company that you choose when you decide to make a reservation. is the first to introduce an advertising program for national limousine booking companies or for companies that do lot of farm out. is an advanced search engine designed for limousines and chauffeured vehicles in the United States and Canada.

We are looking for national limousine booking companies to partner with us and serve our customers better.

We have 2 types of limousine customer leads generated at

Type 1 leads: When a customer search and find a matching limousine company in our database.

Type 2 leads: is when customers search but don't find any companies, then request to be contacted by a limousine booking agent. Price is based on your bid for each state, the lead is sent only to you if you are the highest bidder.

More than 50% of the searches and quote requests performed at don't reach any limousine companies either because the customer enter an hourly minimum less that what the limousine company requires, or simply because there are no matching limousine companies in our database. That means 50% of the leads are type 2, sent only to the highest bidder booking agent.

You can set a daily budget

You can choose the states from which to want to get leads.

Booking agents with highest bid is the exclusive recipient of our leads. That means more chance to book the job.

Our leads are from customers who requested to be contacted by a booking agent after they performed a search at