The Right Printer

by : Jason Cox

Again, getting the right printer all depends on how you want to use it. If you are printing for your personal pleasure, there is no need to spend tons of money on a super high end piece of equipment. If you are going to do semi pro or pro pictures, you will want to buy a printer that will produce high quality pictures.

The good news is that technology has come a very long way and there are many good quality printers available that will not break the bank. You will want to have an inkjet printer and they can often be found for as little as $40 if you look around really hard. Another good choice is a laser printer.

Most of these printers offer good quality output for printing standard size photos, but pay attention to the detail because not all inkjet printers provide good quality output for larger photos. Although most inkjet printers produce a similar quality the majority providing the maximum dpi dots per inch of 1,200 X 4,800 spending more on an inkjet printer will most likely provide you with more features or a faster printing speed.

Keep in mind that many photo printers use color ink cartridges to produce black and white, or grayscale images, which can lead to photos printed with a colored tint, so try to stick to inkjet printers that use black or gray inks if you want to print many black and white photos.

What separates professional photo printers from consumer models is that the professional variety can produce quality images at much larger sizes.

Depending on your needs, printers accepting paper sizes from 24 inches all the way up to 60 inches wide are available, but because they are targeted towards professionals, many convenient features such as printing from your digital camera will not be available on professional printers.

If you want to create large quality prints of your photos, maybe even posters, then a professional photo printer may be the choice for you, if you can afford it. Professional printers can range in price from around $500 to anywhere in the thousands.

Most people will use their printers for more than just printing out their photos. Keep in mind, though, that your chances of getting professional quality pictures from printers like these are not usually very good. They are fine for personal use, however.

These days, there are some printers that are used only for photo printing. They have a docking station where you can attach your camera and download photos directly to the printer without even needing a computer.

These printers are often much more compact and offer faster printing speeds. Print size is often limited to 4x6 inches but the quality remains high, and larger models do exist if you are prepared to pay a higher price.

Although the dpi dots per inch tends to be low on these types of printers, the output quality is high due to the use of thermal dye technology that utilizes primary printing colors in several hundreds of shades, meaning no need for dithering like inkjet printers do.

Another great thing about these printers is that their reduced size makes them very portable some can even be battery powered.

When you are printing photos using your inkjet or laser printer, you will want to make sure that the resolution is set to high so that the DPI is high as well. That way, you will have a better quality photo. Remember, however, that setting the printer this way will use a lot of ink.

In fact, one of the factors that people often overlook when choosing a printer is the type of paper and ink they will be using to print their photos and how the price of these supplies adds up in the long term. It is not just the price to take into consideration either choosing the right paper and ink cartridges will also make sure that the photos you print are of the best possible quality.

While ink cartridges made by a company other than the printer manufacturer may cost less, they will more than likely produce lower quality prints and can also cause photos to fade faster.

Most printer manufacturers also create paper for their specific printers, and although it may not seem as important as ink, testing a sample of paper that is not made by the printer manufacturer is advisable before making a large purchase.
If you want your digital photos to last more than just a few years without showing signs of age, you should consider purchasing more expensive, acid free paper for your prints in the inkjet world, this long lasting paper is called archival paper.

Depending on the manufacturer, paper quality, and storage conditions, prints done on high quality paper last 50 to 100 years or more, which is something you cannot expect with standard paper.

Selecting the right printer can make all the difference when it comes to your pictures.There are also many places that will do the printing for you all online. All you need to do is send them your images and they will print them and send them to you in the mail. This is a very useful service when you want good quality prints but did not want to waste your ink getting them.

They are reasonably priced too. So, you have got the camera and you have got the printer. Now, it is time to start thinking about how to take great pictures. There are a few things to consider first.