Mp3 Player Watches Buying Tips

by : jenny

The MP3 Player Watch is a novel idea that has finally become reality. It is a perfect combination of watches and mp3 players. Just plug the MP3 player watch into your computer's USB port to transfer music files and data. You can listen to Music and Record Conversations wherever you go. All stored in your wrist, you can truly enjoy a portable high tech multimedia entertainment system on the go. But how to choose a right mp3 watch? This article will give some tips to you.

1. Size, weight and storage.

Consider the size, weight and storage you want, befoer you buy. People who plan to bring the mp3 watch with them on trips or while exercising will want a smaller, lighter one, while others may have different thoughts. The greater the storage capacity, the more songs you can take with you, and the more you have to pay. Make sure to choose a model with the largest storage capacity possible. Even if you don't think you'll need it now, you will probably be happy to have it later.

2. Supported file formats.

The MP3 watch that you would buy should support all formats of music files such as MP3, WMA, WAV and other file formats. Most MP3 watches can play all formats of music files so you can easily download and listen to all of your favorite music files.

3. The presence of a built-in microphone.

It is a very cool feature that allows you to record voices digitally. You can record your voice or any other voices that surround you. This feature may help the high school or college student record all lectures and lessons. You can also remind yourself of important dates.

4. The quality of the built-in battery.

The high quality battery will help you in two ways: First, the quality will determine how long you can play music before the recharging process. Second, a high quality battery has a very long lifetime.

5. FM tuner.

Usually found on flash-based players, this feature isn't essential, but it's nice to be able to listen to the radio--especially if you grow tired of your recorded music.

6. Shop around, online and offline.

MP3 Watches are widely available in almost every consumer electronics outlet, and their prices fluctuate. You can check prices from a variety of sources before you buy.