How to Download Psp Games

by : omair8

At this point in time almost everything can be done right from the comfort of your very own home. You can work online, watch movies, play games, etc. This is where a hot gadget, known as the Sony PSP, comes in hand. PSP games come in the form of a small UMD disc. Obviously there is no method to duplicate these UMD discs which is why you will use the internet to obtain games,music,videos and more for your PSP. So, how to download psp games?

To download the PSP games you need a sufficient memory stick with enough capacity to carry the games. I would recommend using a 1GB memory stick but a 256MB should do the job as well (note: you can find memory sticks cheap on eBay). The higher the storage capacity of the memory card, the more content you can download to your PSP. There are a few simple steps to download these games to your Sony PSP.

Step 1: Download files from your computer

Step 2: Transfer the downloaded files to your PSP via a USB cable.

These are generally the steps involved in downloading psp games. To learn how to download psp games, visit