Wireless Network Security Is Serious Business

by : Shannon Medley

Wireless networking security is serious business especially since millions of computer users are now using their personal and business laptops to access the web through public or commercial wifi hotspots. If you use wireless networks or wifi hotspots, here are some tips on wireless networking security.

Whether you surf the net, send emails to your friends or conduct important corporate or government business via your computer, you should take wireless network security seriously. Many people can have their computers hacked, controlled and corrupted by hackers and other unauthorized computers.

There are many products that can help protect your computer and increase your wireless networking security. Most of the products are either virus scans that include firewall protection and spyware protection. Spyware and similar programs such as Trojans can gain access to your computer and send back data and password logs to a hacker database. Many spyware and Trojans can be stopped via firewalls and a good background scan.

You can also limit your liability by choosing to go on wifi hotspots or connect to safe networks that you know of and are not open to the public. For instance, a private wifi network will have much less wireless networking security issues as well as a network at your local restaurant or café that may charge you by the minute. You are less likely to find hackers ready to take advantage of your computer; however you should never let down your guard. If you are using your laptop to connect to a wifi hotspot or wireless network, be vigilant and protect your computer with wireless networking security measures.