Cisco Routers For Business Network Systems

by : Steve Lee

Businesses today demand more from their networks than in the past. Networks today now need to support all forms of media including video, voice and data. Access has also changed as thousands of new devices connect to the network via wireless and wired connections. A systems approach requires an integrated system and Cisco routers can provide this for all of your business needs.

A systems approach combines packaging with intelligent services while putting in security, voice, application and routing services all in one. You end up with a more secure system and better use of network resources.

With its integrated services router, Cisco offers a comprehensive solution that minimizes network down time while allowing access to the most critical business needs. Regardless of the size of your business if you need fast secure access Cisco routers offers many features and benefits.

To solve the many challenges of your business your network needs intelligence to play a big role in securing applications in a way that is easy to manage.

IP-based voice, wireless, and security are only the first in a new wave of advanced applications that are beginning to change the ways in which businesses operate. Organizations must consider how they can best enable their networks today so that their business can continue to take advantage of new applications quickly and securely to meet their goals.

The main point of preventing and responding to security threats from internal and external sources comes from an integrated strategy of multiple types of protection.

Voice, video, and other types of data are woven into a converged network. Tight integration into the infrastructure of your business means that each new application whether it is video, web, or telephony, is just another media type rather than an entirely different communications system. The applications themselves can intelligently communicate with the infrastructure to meet the constantly changing needs of the system.

Wireless cannot be viewed as an isolated application. This is especially true when wireless access points scale into the hundreds or thousands. An intelligent network provides the framework that enables a wireless LAN solution to take full advantage of existing tools, knowledge, and resources of the wired infrastructure to address critical wireless LAN security, deployment, and control issues.

Unlike specialized niche products, Cisco Integrated Services Routers embed security and voice services as a single system for lower operating costs, simplified management and ease of deployment.

Cisco routers provide the secure communications solutions to thousands of businesses all over the world today. Why not yours as well.