GPS Solutions For Fleet Managers

by : Thomas Pretty

For those who own a business that has vehicles out on the road every day it is becoming increasingly popular to have some form of GPS fleet management tool. The solutions offered by these systems are immense. They are not the systems that purely tell you where to go when you are lost, but can give you invaluable management information when your fleet is out of the office and on the road. Some may feel that the initial outlay for all encompassing fleet management solutions may be too expensive to justify; this is a common misconception however, and the money you will save in the long run is hard to dispute.

Fleet management solutions make it possible to keep a track of the vehicles you own while they are out on jobs. For those managers who feel their employees may be taking liberties it is the ideal way to monitor whether company vehicles are being used for unauthorised purposes. You will also be able to monitor how your fleet is being driven, some management solutions have the ability to measure speed and the distance travelled. Seemingly the days of practising your clutchless gear changes in the company vehicle are over.

It is not just the opportunity to see if your fleet is being utilised properly, for administrative purposes, fleet management solutions are ideal. Some systems will act as a maintenance tool telling you when every vehicle is due for servicing or oil change. Subsequently this will save your company money as your fleet will be better maintained, reducing your costs considerably. Some systems even have the ability to notify you of specific vehicle problems negating unnecessary work and further saving you money. The right fleet management solutions will enable you to have your vehicles for longer while saving money on fuel.

In the unfortunate event of an accident a GPS tracking system can be worth its weight in gold. Most fleet management solutions will act much like a black box recorder on a plane. It will be able to give you valuable information on the speed and direction of a vehicle at the time of the accident. With so much emphasis upon liability this information can be extremely important in determining who is at fault.

Once your employees have gotten used to the idea of having a GPS tracking device in their vehicle, the results will be clearly evident. Employees will be less likely to abuse their fleet vehicles making your management role much easier. The effect will be that they will drive more safely as they know you have the solutions to monitor their driving. Employees will stop taking unnecessary detours and speeding while accidents will be reduced.

As a result of this reduced number of accidents your insurance premiums will considerably drop. Insurance companies will even reduce premiums once you have told them of your implementation of fleet management solutions. This is mainly because you will be able to recover a vehicle easily if it has been stolen and your drivers will be driving in a safer manner.

Fleet management solutions have revolutionised the way business is performed. As a manager you may initially face a backlash from staff for privacy reasons but as they are in a company vehicle and are on company time these are easily discounted. The financial benefits are vast as your expenditure will drop. Rather than contemplating if you can afford a GPS tracking system, you should be contemplating if you can afford not to have one.